As an insurance broker, you know that if your client provides advice or service at work, it’s important to protect them against claims of performance misconduct or malpractice.

In today’s ‘compensation culture’ the threat of claims and litigation is increasingly prevalent.

In professional industries such as medicine, law, finance and engineering, advice given by professionals can have serious consequences if it’s not 100% accurate. This can lead to a costly litigation process and damages pay out, with repercussion to the business that is often irreparable. Due to the unpredictable nature of these events, the possibility of completely eradicating this type of risks is relatively low. You can however insure against it.

Our expertise

At Breeze we have access to markets that specialise in the placement of Professional Indemnity risks. We work with specialist markets utilising both local security as well as Lloyd’s of London markets.

This flexibility enables us to offer underwriting solutions in the current hard market.

We are able to offer up to $10,000,000 capacity.

We have a broad appetite and can consider risks such as:

  • Accounting and financial services professionals
  • Health care service professionals and institutions
  • Legal service professionals
  • Real estate and property professionals
  • Agricultural, horticultural and veterinary services professionals
  • Education services professionals
  • Insurance services professionals
  • Architectural, engineering and surveying services professionals
  • Information and computer technology professionals
  • All other professional service professionals