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The Importance of Commercial Cooking Condition

by Breeze Underwriting on March 20, 2015 No comments

The biggest fire hazard in any restaurant is its kitchen. From fine dining to steak houses and seafood restaurants, the risks remain the same. Intense cooking heat, flammable oils, high temperature cooking oils and slow-cooling appliances pose are the cause of innumerable restaurant fires throughout Australia.

Once ignited, a fire can quickly spread through the kitchen and into the restaurant, causing huge amounts of damage and injury in its wake. Costs incurred as a result can be monumental, with many small businesses unable to survive.

If your business operates with a commercial kitchen, Breeze Restaurant Cover can protect your business and assets. Our Commercial Cooking Condition can reduce the risk of fire affecting you.

Commercial Cooking Condition

The Commercial Cooking Condition is applied to all Breeze policies where there is a commercial kitchen at the premises. It is a risk management strategy that lists the minimum precautionary methods to protect people and property from the devastating consequences of a fire. These precautionary methods include:

Cleaning and Maintenance

Effective cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen equipment can greatly reduce your business risk:

  • Failure of thermostats and other temperature controls is a major cause of commercial kitchen fires. Deep fry cooking equipment, dishwashing equipment, and air conditioning systems should be inspected at least annually.
  • Oils must be replaced and filtered regularly, as old and contaminated oil can ignite at lower temperatures.

Fire Protection Equipment

Business owners have legal responsibilities with regard to fire safety equipment. Protect your business by ensuring you are up to date with the latest standards:

  • A suitable technician must service fire protection equipment at least twice a year.
  • Portable and fixed fire extinguishers should be well placed thorough the kitchen area. The size and purpose of your kitchen will determine which fire extinguishers are necessary.
  • An approved fire blanket must be accessible to staff at all times. It should be positioned close to the cooking area.

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

With an ability to control and extinguish fires without human intervention, an automatic fire suppression system can better protect your business. Depending on the usage and purpose of your kitchen, you should consider a fire sprinkler system, gaseous fire suppression or condensed aerosol fire suppression system.

Protecting your business is important to us. Experts in the Restaurant industry, we understand the specific risks the sector is exposed to and can advise our clients on how to best protect themselves, their customers and their business. Speak to our experienced underwriters for more information.

Conditions apply for each policy and the information expected from you for a policy to trigger. Coverage may differ based on specific clauses in individual policies. Please ask your broker to explain the additional benefits and exclusions pertaining to your policy.

The information provided is general advice only and does not take account of your personal circumstances or needs. Please refer to our financial services guide which contains details of our services and how we are remunerated.

Breeze UnderwritingThe Importance of Commercial Cooking Condition

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