Breeze Underwriting provides specialist

insurance products and schemes

for niche industries and risks.

Our Insurance Products

We use our global networks to develop niche insurance products that are delivered across Australia via our exclusive broker network.

Breeze Restaurants

Specialist insurance packages for upmarket restaurants including Fine Dining, Modern Australian, European Cuisine & Steakhouses.

Breeze Accommodation

Australia’s leading provider of Accommodation Insurance, we’ve launched new brand Breeze Accommodation, to supply superior insurance solutions in this sector.

Breeze Equipment Hire

Our Hire & Rental insurance package provides your clients with competitive pricing, broad covers and endorsements specific to the industry.

Breeze Entertainment

Targeting risks for individuals and companies across the industry, we provide cover for small independent productions through to studio-financed blockbusters.

Breeze Professional Risks

We have tailored a suite of Professional Indemnity risks targeting specific occupations which are hard to place, complex, with large capacity.

Global Underwriting

Breeze Underwriting has offices in Australia and the UK. We act as agents on behalf of Authorised Local Insurers and Lloyd’s of London. Our connections into the UK and Wholesale London Markets help develop leading insurance products for the local Australian Markets.